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Hi! Jenny here. Welcome to Redeemed by Grace's webpage.

Together Josh and I have experienced hardship both independently and together. Together we have overcome physical abuse, molestation, rape, emotional abuse, alienation, suicidal temptations, addictions, physical disabilities and near death experiences. Having been together for over 15 years we have experienced the difficulty of me being unable to carrying a child for five years, pregnancy difficulties, post-partum depression, and learning how to co-parent. We've learned how important family really is. Together with our Family Lifestyle we learned how to lean on each other. Through our toughest times and living through God's refining process we learned how communicate and appreciate each other.

Our life foundation has been built on faith, forgiveness and unconditional love. Though challenges have shaken us our foundation remained stronger in the Lord building perseverance, character, deeper faith and a hope for a better future.

It's okay to be human. We all have flaws and struggle. That's what makes faith so important. Faith knowing Jesus is always with you in the good times and bad. Faith knowing God loves you unconditionally through all mistakes.


Remember, our troubles do not define who we are. 

Having someone to support you is important. Life was not meant to be navigated alone. After all God created Eve as a companion for Adam.


Our hope is for you to find your inspiration and motivation to continue pushing through the everyday hard times and find hope for a better future in Christ. 

This blog will transparently look at life without the filters of social media, political interference,  and modern day culture expectations. Together we will laugh, maybe cry and conquer challenges.  We can do it. We'll do it together. 

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