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Joshua Moore


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Autumn Leaves

Jenny Moore


Content Creator



Everyone has a place. Unfortunately, life has a way to make finding it difficult. We're here to strengthen, encourage and empower you while you're on the road to discovery. 

This is YOUR life. We want to help you live your best. Some days our bests look different. On the hardest of days, our best is simply waking up in boldness to face the day. If that's the best we have, then it's more than enough. Other times, our best will be crowded with accomplishments. That's okay too.


Regardless of what season you're in- your best is always enough.


Even the worst life can be redeemed through the grace and leadership of God. We only lose when we give up. Through our blog and videos, we share our personal experiences of abuse, addictions, parenting, medical trauma, faith and daily living in hopes to encourage you to rise up when it feels like life is holding you back. 

Take a moment to think about what kind of life you want to live. What steps are you taking to achieve it? This is your life. It's time for you to invest in your future. 

God brought us up and continues to bring out of our greatest challenges. He'll do the same for you. We believe in you. We can do this together. 


Your Redeemed By Grace family. 

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