Saturday, July 23rd

10:00 AM

Lunch will be served. 

Church on the Hill 

9181 S. Gore Road Bloomington Indiana

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Life was meant to be enjoyed! Sometimes we just need a fresh start.

When we get into in a bad spot we lose our joy, peace and even a little bit of ourselves. We look back and compare the emptiness we feel now to the joy and peace we used to have. We are running through life on empty fumes. Joy is gone. Peace is gone. It feels like we're just surviving.

I know because God Redeemed Me from exactly that. He restored my purpose, refilled my endurance, hope, faith, and gave me a real love for life. I was redeemed from anxiety, fear, depression, doubt, abuse, suicidal thoughts and addictions.

"He picked me up turned me around set my feet on solid ground". He gave me a peace that's unwavering in any moment.

Maybe you're in a good place but you are looking for more; more peace, more joy, more hope.

Maybe you've been through a traumatic experience and you've been emptied. You feel like a shell or shadow of who you once were.

Don't wait for years to pass you by when you can take this step to get your restoration now. I want to help you find the same redemption that was offered to me.

Join us and take the next step into your next chapter.

Worship Leader: Amy Morgan

Speaker: Jenny Moore

Lunch hosted by: Joshua Moore & Church on the Hill