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A gift of thought.

Looking over my kid's Christmas lists this year once again I'm amazed at God's goodness. Another hard year is nearly finished and God found a way to make it possible for us to gather some pretty great gifts for the kids.

The best memories of this year won't be the presents under the tree. Instead it will be when we set our our decorations. Perhaps we'll remember the hot chocolate or playing Shredder's Revenge as a family.

Some of the greatest gifts to receive are the ones that take thought and perhaps some planning. A night off, a day at the spa, maybe a nice massage or some quiet time to rest after a busy season.

Those are the moments that matter the most. While this has had it's difficulty, it was filled with thoughtful gifts. Josh always made a point to say "I love you." Not a day goes by he doesn't tell me. He always helps out, no matter what is needed he's been right there to step in. The boys have always been considerate enough to help with laundry or cleaning up the house with me. That's what I'll remember most about this year; not the difficulty. I'll always remember this year was filled with love and thoughtfulness. That's the best gift to give.

Love you friends.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

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