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We can point out someone's problem or we can help them fix the problem.

One issue I see in our world today- we as a people- are so quick to correct wrong thinking and damaging acts of others. We are quick to point fingers. Some people point fingers only to find fault or prove themselves right.

One day I visited a close family member who had always kept their house clean and tidy. I was shocked to see some dust had accumulated on their ceiling fan. Comically - and showing my ignorance - I teased them about it. My beloved family member quickly passed me a dust rag and walked away. This happened well over 15 years ago.

I learned a few things that day:

  1. I never ask anyone to do something I myself am not willing to do myself. Now- if I'm not skilled enough to do it (plumbing, electrical, cooking) you can bet I'll ask for help. In those cases it's not that I'm unwilling but rather unable to complete the task. To be perfectly honest with you, it's best I leave these skills with the professionals.

  2. Never point out an issue unless I am willing to be a part of the solution. It's as simple as that.

  3. Never point out someone else's failure or inability. We can offer to help in kindness to lessen a friends burden- but to point out a failure is simply rude and disrespectful.

We see this rude nature in our streets, in the news, in social media, in politics and - dare I say- the churches.


Our faith must be demonstrated by more than the words we speak.


Would you shame the hungry for not having food or would you feed them?

Would you shame the bleeding for their reckless deed or would you get a bandage?

In the same way, we should not just talk about peoples' mistakes to make them feel bad.

We need to be a people of action.

Stop shaming the hopeless and help them.

Help the people lost in addiction.

Help the people suffering from depression.

Help the single parent who is struggling to afford childcare and providing for their children.

Why are we more apt to help people with physical needs? When it comes to spiritual needs some help ends with only correction. We have to do better.

Many people make mistakes because that's the lifestyle they were raised with. That's what is familiar. Many people make mistakes because they just didn't know the right way. Some people make mistakes because -like me- they found themselves in a world they didn't want to live in and were too ashamed to ask for help to get out. It's kindness that breaks those barriers. Its helping people break past the familiar into a world that's better.

- SO-

Who is showing them how to make right choices?

Who is showing them how to be confident?

Who is showing them how to strengthen their minds?

Who is showing them how to battle depression?

Who is showing them how to control their anger?

Who is loving them enough for them to realize they are loved by God right where they are? People who make mistakes are made in the image of God. We shouldn't turn them away.

Iron sharpens iron. If they are alone in their journey, how can they become better- stronger- bolder- braver?


Just like my cooking some things are better left to the professionals.

So many times people get caught up speaking out against the sins in our culture. My question is, what are we doing to change the culture? Are we demonstrating love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control?

If it bothers us enough to talk about it- it should bother us enough to do something about it.

Please, so, let's get involved with our community groups. Help your neighbors. Surprise a friend with some candy or their favorite drink.

Let's make a difference!


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