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How safe is your 'safe place'?

Do you all remember those yellow Safe Place signs placed on buildings?

When you saw a safe place sign it meant the staff inside were prepared to assist you if you found yourself in a dangerous situation.

You could run into the building ask for a safe place, and you would be brought into a back office where you would be protected until the danger is over or until additional help arrives.

Mentally and emotionally I treasure my safe places. When life gets overwhelming, or when I get worked up about something there's a few places or people I can run to. They will listen to my heart and concerns and help coach me through the challenge. Or it's a place where I can run to to find protection until I'm bold enough to step up and face the challenge. Or I can stay there under protection until the danger passes.

I truly believe everyone should have a safe mental and emotional place. The question cycling through my mind today is, How safe is your safe place?

A safe place should be a place we can retreat to and rebuild. It's a place go to when we need to breakdown without judgement and regroup. It's a place we can come out from knowing we're not alone feeling strengthened and empowered to face the issue.

A safe place can look different for everyone. My top three safe places are:

My safeplace
Mom & Dad
  1. My parents have been a safe place. I can go to them and pour out my heart without judgement, without repercussion or fear.

  2. My home is a safe place. It's a place when I can cycle through all my questions, doubts, hurt, pain, confusion to regain clarity of life.

  3. Jesus is my safe place. I can run to him when I'm hurt or lost and His Word gets me back on track. After spending quality time with God I feel like I'm not alone. No matter what comes against me, I feel empowered to face it.

It just makes me wonder how safe is your safe place?

A night out drinking can cause friction in the home. Gossiping talking about others to temporarily feel better about your own chaos, but it can create broken trust, hurt, and damage the relationship. A night out partying feels fun for a minute, but it can also put you or a friend in a dangerous position. Spiked drinks. Laced drugs, rape. Over-Eating can feel good for a moment, thinking about the flavor and texture of the foods you're eating. But what is it doing to your body? Internally it can effect how your body presses sugar, weight-gain causes strain on joints, and damages the gallbladder, and lead to heart disease.

Not processing hardships in a healthy way can lead to depression, anxiety, or even lead to thoughts of suicide.

A safe place should be a place we can run to when we are at our most vulnerable point. A safe place is where all our burdens can be laid down and we leave comforted and strengthened. A safe place is a place that rebuilds.

Is your safe place safe?

Life is hard enough as it is. YOU deserve a safe place. You were made with a purpose. To reach our full potential in that purpose we need a place of rest and growth when times get hard.

Sincerely my friends, I want the best for you. when you find yourself in a hard place don't hesitate to reach out. We want to support you and help you live your best life.

Your friend,


The Lord is a refuge of the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble. Psalm 9:9

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