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Labels make it easy.

Who doesn't want easy.

Understanding something that hasn't been labeled is difficult. Living in an unknown situation can easily remove all confidence in our ability to handle it.

Without a label...

  • We don't know what to expect.

  • Without expectations how can we fully understand it?

  • If we don't understand the situation, and we don't know what to expect, how can we respond to it in a healthy way?

That's something our family has been dealing with for years. If we just had a label, Parkinson's, ALS, MS, Lyme Disease, Gilliam Bare Disease or Epilepsy we would know exactly what to expect.

We would know...

  • how long it would last.

  • a complete list of side effects to expect.

  • what medications can treat it.

  • the dangers of the condition.

If we only had a label.

We've seen dozens of specialists and they been able to classify the condition into the movement disorder spectrum but when it came down to the specific diagnosis we heard, "I don't know what this is" time and time again.

Let's step away from the health aspect and take this into a broader direction. Sometimes God brings us to an unknown place.

  • We lose our jobs and we don't know where our paycheck will come from.

  • Our car breaks down and we don't know how to make it into work.

  • Our washer breaks and we have any idea how to afford a replacement.

If we only...

  • had a label for the fix.

  • knew what we needed to do.

  • knew where we needed to go.

  • knew exactly what it was that would fix all our trouble.

If we only had a label.

A friend suddenly stops talking to us and we are left wondering what did I do wrong? If we only had a label to put on the situation we could know exactly how to respond.

  • Our friend was hurt.

  • Our friend was offended.

  • Our friend was busy.

  • Our friend was on vacation.

If we could only label the situation we could manage it.

Oh my dearest friends, what a wonderful place it would be if we could easily understand our every experience.

Unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. There will be a time when we all experience a situation that leaves us in the dark. That's when begin to navigate with faith. We take what we know and begin to work through the unknown.

Remind yourself difficult times will pass. Difficult moments don't last a lifetime. In the difficult time, we stay connected to our anchor that keeps us grounded. For Josh and I it has been our faith in God. God strengthened us when we were weak. God opened doors and granted us favor in difficult times. God made a way for us when we were financially dry. God gave us joy in the middle of our trial. God gave us peace when it felt like the world around us was falling apart. God shielded our children from the darkest moments.

Life won't always come with a bold label that says, "This is a time for you to rest." "This is a time for you to look for new opportunities." "This is the place to get that new washer at an affordable price." "This is a person you can trust." "This person is not a healthy match for you." If life were so easy we would all be thriving in our own successes.

Here's some advice from what we have learned as a family.

  1. Focus on the good things no matter how difficult and dark the situation gets. If you're looking at all the trouble and hardships the trouble and hardships will be all you see.

  2. Use your faith. God has prepared you for this moment. Even in moments when you feel like you're drowning if you stay anchored in him (Praise and worship, read the Bible, stay in church) He will fill you with everything you need, peace, joy, strength to get you through.

  3. Know bad days will not last a lifetime. Even a series of bad days will eventually end. We only lose if we give up. So endure the hard times with the understanding they will pass and good things are ahead.

  4. We can be strong and confident when problems come up. Suffering produces perseverance. Perseverance produces character. Character brings hope. Hope does not put us to shame. God's love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us. You can have a healthy and full heart in difficult times. As time passes, you will become proficient ant navigating the unknown. the difficult times will become less intimidating.

This is just a season of growth. You can get through this. We can do it together.

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