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Let's Make a BIG Impact in a Broken World

Our world needs a positive change.

We see it in how today's children talk to each other. We see careless consideration when fathers and mothers walk away from their families. News media shares daily reports of shootings, random acts of violence, and endangerment against children.

These state of events accurately reflect the state of our country.

There's little consideration for personal action.

Motives behind actions have become about what "I" want. The cause behind these acts of aggression falls back into selfish desire. When someone has exhalted their own hurt or anger above doing what is right.

  • Instead of working through an issue to find peace there is retaliation.

  • Instead of seeking to find wholeness there's binding to a brokness.

  • Instead of facing emotional trauma to find inner peace, there's creating chaos for others.

  • Instead of reaching out to find help walls are built for self protection.

This world has changed. We're no longer the country where neighbors help neighbors. We live in a world of "me-first".

We are a broken country. We are a broken people.

We can't take on the hurt everyone carries.

Only Jesus was strong enough to do that.

We can't carry their sorrow with us in an effort to ease their pain.

We can be the difference we want to see.

We can speak peace in the middle of a hard time.

We encourage healing when someone is broken.

We can share random acts of kindness instead of random acts of aggression.

We can hold ourselves accountable instead of making up excuses for poor behavior.

In the end of my life, I hope and pray that I'm remembered fondly for the love I shared. I want to help people find their healing, find their peace, find their confidence and find their wholeness.

It's not an easy thing to do.

It's speaking truth through all things, even when it's difficult to say.

It's rejecting lies when they're spoken.

It's being bold enough to stand for righteousness.

It's holding ourselves accountable for our own actions and words.

It's healing from our own pain and sorrow instead of displacing it onto someone else.

It's about seeing the world with your eyes wide open.

It's about being as wise as a serpent but as gentle as a dove.

It's showing empathy for others instead of pity for myself.

It's about reaching out to others instead of shutting down.

It's bout being genuine and confident in who you are enought to lift others up without needing to be exhalted.

We can't make people change. Changing people is an impossible task. Instead we control how we respond to people.

The change starts with us. It starts in our homes by how we interact with our families. It's by how we carry ourselves at work. It's how we support our community. That's how we make an impact. That's how we start the change..

My friends, I hope you'll join me. Let's get involved in our communities to re-establish kindness. Let's be the change our world needs to see.

We can't change people, but together we can make a big impact.


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