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Making it stretch: potatoes

Potatoes are a fun and affordable way to spice up your dinner plate.

Fried diced potatoes. Dicing potatoes into small pieces and frying them in some oil creates a nice side for the breakfast plate. Peel the potatoes and dice them into equal sizes. Cook the potatoes over medium -low heat. Cooking them too fast can make the exterior crunchy and the inside still firm.

A baked potato takes about 50 minutes in the oven, but is relatively simple to bake.

Wash your potatoes well, and stab them with a fork a couple times. Place the potatoes directly on the rack in the oven about 400 degrees. Let them cook until the skin is crispy, but the potato is soft inside.

Homemade potatoe chips is a recipe we recently explored this year. They're eaten quickly every time! Peel your potatoes, then using your peeler, slice the potatoes. Place the potatoes slices into hot oil. We use a deep fryer, but it can be done on the skillet too. Just be careful not to over-crowd your potatoes in the skillet. They'll need room to float. The potatoes will be done when they're a nice golden brown color.

Other recipes to explore are roasted potatoes mashed potatoes, quarter potatoes and potato soup.

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