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My Support Circle

The fog outside this morning was dense and beautiful. My imagination went wild as I envisioned creatures just stepping out of the fog into my yard. I could see myself walking into the fog and just disappearing only to reappear in a magical place of peace and beauty.

The fog line was so thick it was nearly impossible to see the field resting behind it. The flowing stream's beauty was completely masked in the cloud. The bare branches in the winter trees were mere shadows peaking out from the top. It was as if a cloud had fallen from the night sky and decided to sleep in.

I knew the field was still in there. I knew the stream was still flowing. It's logically obvious the trees didn't pickup their roots and walk away. But for now, this morning they were invisible from my sight.

Sometimes that's how life feels. It feels like we can't see past our nose to find our place in this world. Our ultimate goal is just hidden from us. We know the direction to pursue but we just can't visualize where we're going because there's a thick blanket of fog interrupting the clarity of our vision.

This metaphorical fog can happen at any time. It could represent many numerous things.

  • A major life change is happening.

  • Someone we love is going through some health issues.

  • Our children have been on their worst behavior for what feels like a week straight-or longer.

  • Our marriage is falling apart.

  • Our car is falling apart.

  • Our house needs repairs.

  • We're having issues at work.

  • We're struggling with our own mental health.

  • We have all these plans for our future and we can't seem to find the tools or skillsets to get anything done.


What is there to do when we're trying our best to live our life but it feels like life is fighting back?

Step 1. We don't give up. Giving up means instant failure. That's the only time when losing is absolute. We can't quit trying. Change directions and come up with a different plan, but never give up on trying to live your best life. Sometimes the definition of our best life changes. And that's okay. Change is okay. Never stop trying.

Step 2. Find out who is in your support circle. Your support circle will be your friends who will listen - really listen- to what you're going through. They will lift you up to see beyond your problems and beyond your fog. They'll also be the people who will will give you a correction when we get too carried away. They'll be the ones to remind us to put our glasses back on to see the good things right in front of you.

Step 3. Encourage Yourself. When we go through hard times, it's really easy to let the hardships define our ability. They remind us of what we're not able to do. They remind us of what challenges us. Instead of focusing on our challenges...let's encourage ourselves to be true to who we are. Not to let challenges define us. Instead let's let our own definition fall deeper that the situations we endure. I find my own encouragement in the Word of God. It reminds me of who I am. It reminds me that I was made with a purpose. It reminds me that no matter what I face, they are only temporary.

We all have our own set of challenges to overcome. Our own personal challenges are unique. I would love to provide you with a step by step plan that will undoubtedly remove EVERY obstacle you rise against. Logically- it's impossible. I can coach you through it.

You can do this.

We can do this together.


Let me introduce you to just a few hearts from my own Support Circle.

It's easy to pull away when you're going through a hard time. Don't. Take it from me. Life is much easier when you're going through it with friends.


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