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New Opportunities

The cool Indiana air was just what I needed to wake up these ole bones. The sun rays peaked over the horizon. Morning dew still resting on the grass. The sound of birds chirping filled the skies.

It was a reminder of the upcoming Fall season. Daydreamingly, I envisioned myself on the porch with a light blanket, warm coffee watching the colors in the trees sway in the gentle winds.

The morning was fresh and new. Yesterday had passed away. The rising sun brought new possibilities.

It's easy to bring the past into today. If you read many of my posts, I've talked about not carrying burdens. Don't dwell on yesterday's pain. It only delays healing and prevents you from seeing new blessings that come across your path.

It's not always the bad things we carry around. Sometimes we carry the really great moments along with us too.

What's wrong with carrying the good moments around?

Absolutely nothing - unless you're comparing every new moment to what used to be. Comparing today with our yesterday casts a shadow over what's happening now. Making it really difficult to appreciate the new opportunities.

Today is filled with those opportunities. We can step out of yesterday to create new memories, accomplish more goals and stand out from where we once were. We can challenge today and step out in boldness, confidence, kindness, encouragement, love and push ourselves into new victories.

These are the moments that matter. Right here- right now.

I'm praying for your days to be filled with new memories to treasure and new opportunities of growth.

Love you friends!


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