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Joy in Borrowed Time

Oh the Joys of life that flood my soul.

My joy spreads wide as the flower pedals open

My heart rejoices as the early birds are chirping

My spirit celebrates with the love of the Lord.

The cool morning breezes blow and pushes the colored clouds.

The painted velvet sky welcomes tired eyes.

They stretch, they jog, they drive starting another day of life.

The world begins to waken.

The new day brings with it a new hope.

It is a hope without fear. It is a joy without mourning. It is a day without expectation and filled with love and enjoyment.

It is a new opportunity to face new challenges that will strengthen us and bring us to a new height.

The troubles have come. The troubles have gone.

One thing still remains, my Lord, my God stays just the same.

Never did he leave me. Never did he waive.

Always stood beside me or pulled me through everyday.

It hasn't always been easy. Some days were dark and gray.

Never did we realize how close we were to the grave.

We kept pushing on, and kept pushing through, here wasn't where we wanted to stay.

We didn't know how, or what to do. Each day we mustered every stregnth just to put on shoes. Legs weren't always working. Mine, they were too tired. We both were too weary, but knew we couldn't just retire.

There was a hope of something new, a hope that something would break through.

The doctors didn't know. The doctors couldn't say, what we would be looking at from day to day.

It waat thats moment when our normal became something new.

It wasn't 9-5, it wasn't golfing on the shores.

Instead it was family oriented and getting help with basic chores.

Fast forward to today, God's faithfulness has never changed.

Seeing where we are, we can celebrate how far we came.

Each day we're living wasn't promised years ago.

The boys still have their father, their friend and their hero.

Our normal is still different and to us that's okay.

We were blessed with a gift of time for family, church, fishing and camping.

We are blessed to have each other, something the doctors couldn't say is we ate blessed to enjoy our time and vacation, a blessing to get away.

So in this moment in time, no it's not always easy. Yes, our normal is different. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

So as the sun rises with hope, new opportunities arise to take this life by the horns and live it with pride. Pride in our God that was faithful and true. A God who still performs miracles. When the day begins to fade, we can feel accomplished to know, that God has gifted us another day that was borrowed from long ago.

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