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Perfection doesn't co-exist with motherhood.

To me- this picture is cringe-worthy.

This was our first family picture taken professionally. I was so excited about the session. The boys all had fresh clothes with shades of blue and I picked out this pink shirt for myself. I loved my family and hoped all my love would be reflected through a perfectly posed professional picture.

The photo session is a memory I would much rather forget.

The photographer refused to sell us individual sheets of pictures to pass out to family. Their reasoning was photos aren't appreciated and get lost in a drawer.

I tried to straighten my hair. My natural waves stand out against the few straight strands.

My makeup is non-existent because I ran out of time getting ready.

When we were sitting for the picture, Bruce was wiggling and grabbed a big clump of my hair. I wrangled my hair free but you can see my hair is completely crazy. The photographer didn't even tell me.

The hopeful perfectly posed professional picture I hoped to display my love had become a reminder of all my failures. My inability to pack a diaper bag quickly. My inability to get makeup on and style my hair well. My inability to stand up for myself against the photographer who refused to sell us the pictures I wanted to buy. (Although now, perhaps it was a blessing I didn't get extra copies. )

Now, the photo also shares a message to young moms. Don't get so worked up about little details like having the perfect hairstyle and nice makeup. The little details will take you away from the moment you're having with your babies.

For me, this picture should have been a good memory to treasure for ages to come. Instead, the pressure I had put on myself and the emotions that followed are remembered. If I had put less pressure on myself and enjoyed the moment more... perhaps ... the memories associated with this picture would have been different.

Life as a new mom can be challenging, but perfection doesn't co-exist with motherhood.


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