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Reminders from Mom: Strength

Strength. I don't feel strong today and that's okay.

I think at some point in time we forgot what strength looks like. Strength doesn't always look super-human. Josh and I tell our kids, "just do your best. Your best is always enough."

So maybe you too don't feel 'strong'. Maybe you're tired. Maybe you can't bring yourself to accomplish everything on your list. That's okay. Having the willpower not to give up and to push beyond the tired or hurt to live your life shows great strength. Somedays might be more productive than others. But keep in mind the day's production level does NOT change the value of WHO you are.

Don't measure your success my the measurement of your physical strength. Your strength can also be measured by your willpower to live.

Remove the extra pressure from yourself.
You can do this.

Remind yourself of who you are. Say this about yourself.

My name is (Jennifer Moore). I can overcome anything that comes through my path. The job might not be easy. The job might not be glamourous. I will overcome this. Today is only one day of my entire life. What happens today will not overpower the future that lays before me. My future is filled with hope and promise. Material things may come and go, but when it comes down to it, I. Am. Loved. I. Am. Filled with promise and potential for greatness. One day of weakness does not change who I am or what I can do. Today I will rest. Tomorrow, I'll start again.

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