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Updates: Where have we been?

Hello my friends!

It's been a little while since we've had a steady stream of messages on our site. But I wanted to take a quick moment to say Thank YOU for all your support.

When I was a little girl, I thought it would be incredible to be known like Mother Theresa was. To be known for kindness and a strong, but gentle nature. It almost seems silly that a young child would have a goal to display kindness as a legacy. Even still, the last few years I learned about Lilian Hunt Thrasher, Nile Mother. A woman who supported the local community taking in children when their families could not care for them. She encouraged young mothers as well as helped feed the children who otherwise would have struggled just to grow in good health.

I may not be known like Nile Mother or Mother Theresa, but I'm doing what I can with the blessings and opportunities God has given me.

My husband and I are raising two incredible young boys. Raising children has been my greatest accomplishment and some of the deepest concerns. Many of you can relate to the roller coaster of parenting.

I'm also spending a lot of my time in a local shop. There people gather and not only shop for things they need at bargain prices, but they talk and support each other. I've seen people praying for each other there. People laugh and joke around with each other. Some of my favorites are when the 'original crew' comes in to share stories of the town's rich history. Listening to the stories of earlier generations is rich and rewarding.

In our local church, I'm still leading the children's church group on Sunday mornings and the Children's group on Wednesday nights. The kids at our church are amazing. Every single one of them. This is an outreach I've been a part of for years and It's just been incredible. My first class is now grown into young adults themselves. Some of them are still in the church as leaders themselves, and others have moved on. It's sorrowful to watch them drift away, but those childhood connections will always be there. Currently, we have a large group of kids with connections to the church. With their family schedules, we don't see the entire class together every-week, we have thirteen kids and six teens/young adults who know we will be there for them anytime they need us.

In addition to what's happening at home and in church, our local Cub Scouts group just started back up and we're ready for action. I volunteer along with many other incredible parents who have invested their time as Den Leaders for our scout group. This gives us the opportunity to encourage kids to be brave, step out of their comfort zone to explore the world in a safe manner. We're teaching them fundamental life skills they will use for years to come. Being Bold, trustworthy, respectful, strong and kind.

With the same pack, this year I've volunteered to be their Special Projects Coordinator. In this role, I'll have the opportunity to show the kids how their assistance can help improve the lives of their local community. Getting our younger generation involved now, can not only help broaden their understanding of what the world looks like, but also strengthen their hearts for people.

My appreciation for the impact Mother Theresa and Nile Mother made on their communities and the world might not be available to me. What I can do is get involved and do my part to make this world a better place. The world in itself is BIG, but it starts small. My home is in the world. My church is a part of the world. My hometown is a part of this world. Starting here, planting seeds to help the kids grow into strong leaders is investing in something that will by far outlive my time. Helping our communities now, helps families in need. Not only helping them with food or groceries, but also encouraging them when they feel lost.

Now, into my adult years, I may not be known like Nile Mother or Mother Theresa, but I'm doing what I can with the blessings and opportunities God has given me.

I don't wish for you to dream like I do. I don't wish for you to do as I do. What I want for you my friend, is to find a dream of your own. Dream BIG my friend. Dream as big as you can. Then, start building your dreams one opportunity at a time. Get proactive into making a positive impact on your community, family, and support your local church.

Do you need church to make it into Heaven? No. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Through him is your ticket into Heaven. BUT- the church is sharing the gospel into the community and the world. An active church is supporting ministries, helping the broken, feeding the hungry. When you partner with a church faithfully you are supporting their day to day expenses as they are actively investing the gospel into the people who need it the most.

Step out my friends, get involved in your own special way and leave a positive impact on the world around you.

May God bless you richly.

Your friend,


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