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Winds of Change

A cool breeze flows through the room from the open door. Curtains in the windows dance with the rhythm of the wind. Leaves clamor loudly as they are tossed by the strength of the wind. The western horizon is changing from the gentle early morning blue to the darker shade of gray. Everything is about to change. The storm is coming.


When a storm rolls in it forces change. Sometimes it's a change we aren't quite ready for.

A physical storm is just as unpredictable as a metaphorical storm we experience. A metaphorical storm is something that comes in to change the climate of your situation. There's "rain" instead of sunshine, there's "dark skies" instead of "blue", there's "winds" instead of the "calm".

When everything seemed to have been going well, something comes in and completely changes things. That's what a metaphorical storm does.

Just as a metaphorical storm changes our situation, the physical storms do too. Storms flood the grounds with rain. The creeks and lake waters rise making some roads impassable. The winds knock down trees.

The strength of a severe storm is nothing to deny. As a child I can recall my mom being terrified of storms. Living on one of the highest peaks in the county with mature trees and forests the power would almost always go out. It could be a stressful situation, especially for a family with four young children living on well water. When the power went out, we also lost the ability to get water. The well pump couldn't operate.

It was completely logical to be afraid, but Mom prayed. Through her prayers God gave deliverance from fear. She began to watch the radars and learn weather patterns. She began to watch the clouds and appreciate the sound of the rain.

In my middle school years I remember Mom would always have her balcony door open listening to the sound of rain falling into the forest. She loves watching the winds push storm clouds across the sky and see how they build up stronger. Her fear of storms turned into a love, respect and appreciation for them.

The rains fall and water the earth so it can grow stronger. The winds come to knock down anything weak and potentially damaging on the property.

We expect winds and fallen trees during storms. We're more alert and aware of the dangers during a storm.

Life's metaphorical storms come in and will create change. They will water your soul with an abundance. Sometimes they come in to reveal the dangers of things in our lives that don't belong. Without God, it's easy to become fearful of the power of the storm. With God you can remember that all things work out for the good of those who love the Lord.

Skies will change. Climate will change. Things will fall away, but you can trust that God will bring you through this.

My friends, I'll leave you with this:

What are you promoting during the storms? Peace or fear.

With love,

Your friend Jen.

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