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You Are Pearls my friend! PEARLS

I've been struffling a lot lately.

(Yes. I meant to write struggling. The typo certainly adds more weight to that sentence. So it stays. Ha! That's how it feels sometimes. We're so close, but something is throwing things off. Life is full of f's when there should be g's. )

We all have challenges. We all have different ways to face them. A few weeks ago I asked myself a question.

Where do your store your self-worth and value?

Is your self-worth determined by how much laundry is done?

Is your self-worth measured by your productivity in the office?

Is your self-worth measured by the acceptance of others?

Maybe we are placing our self-worth into external things? When self-worth is measured by uncontrollable things it begins to fluctuate. When things are going well we feel really great about who we are as a person, but when things go wrong we feel terrible. This causes a roller coaster of highs and lows in our life. It makes it difficult to get a good grasp on how special we really are. (I know. I've been there. I'm working through it.)

So my friend, who are you trusting with your self-worth? Your boss? Your Spouse? Your kids? A friend? Your parents?

Self-worth should be measured within ourselves. How often do we show how much we care? Are we being true to who we are at all times? Do we try our best? How much heart are we pouring out into life?

We were born different. That difference carries value. There's value in how we think and in how much we care. It's how much heart we display. Do you have any special skills and talents?

There is a phrase many of you will be familiar with.

"Don't cast your pearls before the swine."

We wouldn't throw a diamond necklace into a pig's pen. We wouldn't put genuine pearls on a pig. That sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous.) Pigs don't see the value of something so precious. If the pigs wouldn't eat them, the precious stones would get lost in the mud- unappreciated and gone forever.

My friend- You are pearls!

Don't put your value in the hands of someone who doesn't appreciate you.

Your friend,


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