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In Time....

This little flower was growing in the garden a few weeks ago. It was almost ready to bloom. Next to it was this little guy, who was just a little behind in his growth.

God's creation is inspiring. I imagine we as flowers sometimes might feel like this little guy. There is a known potential of beauty and growth building up inside the little green pods. And...sometimes it can feel like we're so close to blooming out. Instead, we're stuck within the pod. It's too late to go back into complete safety and protection of the green leaves, but we aren't quite flowering yet.

It's there... It feels like our full potential is right there..but we just can't seem to display it right, or we just don't feel like we're where we're meant to be.

My dear friend, be patient with yourself.

The greatest things built over time, also took time to build and withstood the rest of time.

To build something in haste often eliminates quality.

We don't need a -get it done now- lifestyle. Instead, let's grant ourselves time to grow in a healthy way. In a way that builds strength so we don't fall under the slightest wind of change. Let's grow in a way that builds stability to weather the storms of life. Let's grow in a way that will built endurance instead of racing through it, breathless.

We each experience different growth rates. We each have different challenges to overcome and heal.

The healing will come.

The strengthening will come.

Your time will come.

Just because you can't see the beauty as you grow, doesn't mean it's not there.

Just because you don't feel the strength to endure doesn't mean its not there.

Be patient with yourself.

Slow down and enjoy life. Build a quality of life that will last. Because someday my friend, your time will come. You will be the most beautiful flower in the garden.

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